September 9, 1999: The Murder of Girly Chew Hossencroft


On September 9, 1999, Malaysian-born Girly Chew Hossencofft disappeared from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Though her husband, Diazien Hossencofft, and his girlfriend, Linda Henning, were ultimately convicted of her murder, the case gained a lot of traction when various conspiracy theories involving reptilian queens, UFOs, and cannibalism surrounded her death.

Girly's body has never been found.


Girly Chew was born on August 27, 1963 in Malaysia. She had visited the United States in the early 1990s and met Diazien Hossencofft at SeaWorld. The 2 kept in contact, and in 1993, they married. She moved from Malaysia and settled with him in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where Girly worked as a bank teller.

But in January of 1999, Girly moved out of the couple's home and filed for divorce after her husband became enraged, hit her, and threatened to kill her. She had found out that he was not a doctor, a lie he had been stringing along to his wife for their entire marriage, and she told her coworkers that after that discovery, and his violent rage in response, that she was afraid of him.

Diazien Hossencofft was actually named Arhamd Chavez, and was born in Houston in 1965. He told his wife, and those around him, that he was a thoracic surgeon with degrees from both the University of Tokyo and Cornell Medical College. But in reality, he had been expelled from medical school and was a con man, utilizing doctored transcripts to sell his story. After he was expelled, he changed his name and married Girly.

He continued to try and con people, tricking others into believing he was a geneticist who had leukemia. He sold fake cancer treatments to client, who would pay thousands for fake injections.

In 1996, Hossencofft he fathered a son with a woman who lived in Canada, and at one point in 1999, he was engaged to 3 different women, not including his wife.

One of those women was Linda Henning, who was born in 1953 (about 12 years older than Diazien/Admand). She was born in Hollywood, and after high school she worked as a fashion model and successful fashion designer. In 1999, she was engaged, but ended the engagement when she met Diazien and got engaged to him. As is the basis for all good relationships, they shared an interest in government conspiracy theories and UFOs.

Stephen Zachary on of Linda's ex-boyfriends and a man with an inoperable brain tumor, could have been a victim of Hossencofft's fake cancer treatments, but realized that he was a fraud when he saw typos upon typos in his resume, and that the medical school he listed didn't even exist. He was suspicious from the moment he claimed that he could cure his cancer within weeks.

Zachary told Henning that Hossencofft was a conman, trying to set her up, but she didn't believe him. About a month before she would assist in Girly's murder, she wrote a letter that said: "This is a spiritual war as well as a physical one. The humans stored in cyro-stasis will have their souls (life essence) extracted and dissipated. The reptilians are led by a queen back on the moonbase. I know this sounds like sci-fi, but I was told the sci-fi stuff was created so in case this story ever gets out, no one will believe it." One has to believe that she would not be cool wearing a mask during a pandemic.

Henning tried to convince Zachary to get cranial X-rays from his doctor to look for small molecule crystals that watch and listen to what people do. She also told him that President Bush was a "full-fledged reptilian" who used holograms to project a human face. Anyway, so that's them!


Girly failed to show up for work on the morning of September 10th, and her co-workers immediately became concerned for her, given what they knew about her husband. Diazien was immediately the prime suspect, but he had left for Charleston, South Carolina the same day she was reported missing.

When investigators went to the apartment, they noticed the strong smell of bleach, and using luminol, they found a considerable amount of blood in the apartment.

The police focused their attention on Linda Henning, and they questioned her. She claimed that she believed her fiance was an accomplished doctor, and that she had know knowledge about the disappearance of Girly. She went so far as to claim she did not even know that he had a wife, but police were able to prove that she was lying. Caught in her lie, she was charged with perjury.

In Henning's home, they found a ninja sword in her attic that had been purchased the morning Girly was killed. Days later, her clothing was found in Belen, New Mexico. Investigators found Henning's hair with the evidence, which was enough to indict and charge the couple with murder.

In January of 2002, to avoid the death penalty Hossencofft plead guilty to the murder of his wife. He was sentenced to life in prison, plus 61 years. (I know this is all legal stuff, but it is always so weird that you can get sentenced to more than life in prison.) It was all pretty straightforward: abusive husband and new girlfriend kill existing wife. Bad, illegal, sad... but nothing deeply out of the ordinary. Until Henning's trial started.

In September 2002, Henning's trial began. She did not plead guilty and went through a full trial, being the first woman in New Mexico history to face capital punishment.

Henning is, with no other word to describe her, a weirdo. She believes that the U.S., and other world governments, are run by puppets controlled by reptilian-alien masters.

Henning's friends believed that she had been brainwashed and drugged by Hossencofft, though I would argue that her reptilian queen believes may speak to the fact that her brain was not exactly needing of being washed for murder to enter the table.

So if it wasn't already super weird, let's let it get weirder when Hossencofft testified at Henning's trial.

He testified in her trial and claimed that he masterminded the entire murder and that Henning was completely innocent. But then, he tried convince the jury that a man named Bill Miller, who was ultimately only charged with tampering with evidence, was the true killer, but he agreed to let him kill his wife. Why, you ask? Oh, nothing weird. Just because they needed to practice killing humans before the final showdown with the emerging New World Order. Just regular things. He said that his only job was to enter the apartment at a pre-arranged time and ensure no physical evidence was left behind.

But when he got there, the killers had "messed up" and there was blood everywhere. So he had to do something about it, of course. He drove back to his home to grab a casual refrigerated vial of an unidentified woman's blood to throw the investigators off. Because he was a "doctor" (he was very much not a doctor), he said the vials of blood in his refrigerator were just for doctor stuff.

"The only problem was when I stuck the vial in my pocket and went to sit down, uh, it broke," he claimed. "The only other sequence of blood that I had was Linda's," (sidebar: because why wouldn't you have a vial of your lover's blood in your refrigerator?) "so I thought to myself, I have to make a quick calculation here. I figured that the acid plus the bleach, uh, would degrade the sequence enough to give you female DNA but not a sequence to diagnose any one person." Oh of course, makes total sense. So that's why Henning's blood was in the apartment. Alright. Yup.

Despite his attempts to lie to or confuse the jury, on October 25, 2002, Linda Henning was found guilty of first degree murder, kidnapping, conspiracy to kidnap, tampering with evidence, and perjury. She faced the death penalty.

Her sentencing was held on April 18, 2003. Before then, adding to the weirdness of the case, prosecutor Paul Spiers wrote that Linda "had made statements that she had actually consumed the flesh of Girly Chew Hossencofft and that, as a consequence, her remains and body would never be recovered by authorities." This still wasn't enough for a death sentence, and she was sentenced to 73 years in prison.

Police believe that Hossencofft wanted his wife dead to deny her any share of the marital property, and because she knew that he had been conning people for years. His lies: that he was a surgeon, an ex-CIA scientist, the man who found the cure for cancer all came to a head, while likely lead to her death. He also claimed he was 2,000 years old and had invested in a youth serum.

This case seems crazy because the people in it are crazy. A 2,000 year old ex-CIA doctor scientist pretending to cure cancer meets a reptile-queen worshipping nutball. They keep each other's blood in vials in the refrigerator. They hire a hitman to kill his wife so they can practice killing humans for the New World Order. Yeah, the case is weird.

Except it isn't. A dude who was mad he got expelled from med school lied his way through life, and his wife found out. Another woman became infatuated with him and they fed off of each other's crazy. They wanted the wife out of the picture, and more than anything, he was mad she found out he was a complete and total fraud, so they murdered her. It has a lot of elements that other murders don't, but at its core, it is just like most murders: jealousy, reputation protection, a cover-up, and a shitty motive. This one just also happens to have lizard kings and UFOs, and that's okay.

But Girly Chew shouldn't be forgotten in all of the crazy. The insanity of her murderers shouldn't take away from the fact that a woman, terrified of her abusive, compulsive lying husband, was murdered by him and one of his 3 other fiances. The crazy stuff didn't matter to her and her heartbroken family. She moved to a new country with a husband who lied to her from day 1, and when she found out, he murdered her. No amount of lizards or blood vials can take away from that.

I am pleased that both of her killers will spend the rest of their sad lives in prison where they belong, but it doesn't make up for Girly's life that was cut short out of senseless violence.

Rest in peace, Girly Chew.


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