November 17, 2016: Brandi Worley Kills Her 2 Children


On November 17, 2016, mother of 2 Brandi Worley from Darlington, Indiana, stabbed her 2 children to death because her husband was trying to take the children in a divorce.


Worley married her husband, Jason Worley, in August of 2009, after being engaged for 2 years. Jason is a software engineer. They had 2 children, Tyler who was born in 2009, and Charlee who was born in 2013. Tyler was going to Sugar Creek Elementary School and was in 1st grade, and Charlee was going to preschool at Wilson Early Learning Center.

Their marriage wasn't perfect, and according to Jason, they had discussed separating in the past, but had chosen o stay together. But in November of 2016, Jason requested a divorce due to infidelity.

Here's where this case gets really sad.

Before Jason filed for divorce, he made a post on r/relationship_advice on Reddit. He said he was having a difficult time coping with the fact that his wife had cheated on him with their neighbor. He explained how he stayed with her for the sake of the kids, but hadn't been able to ever really push it out of his mind.

This post is really long, detailing how he felt about the infidelity, and how he found out that his wife and the neighbor were seeing each other. When he initially confronted her, he told her that he wanted to leave her, but she said that he would ensure he never saw the kids again if he did, using a high school suicide attempt to prove he was unfit for parenting.

The post continues on, explaining how she manipulated him into thinking it was his fault she was riven to cheat, and how he continued to think about her infidelity. Once, she threatened to leave, but out of fear of losing his children, he begged for her back. At the end of the post, he said that he was afraid since so much time had passed, and because he begged for her back, that she could only become more vindictive towards he and the kids if he brought it up again.

The comments under the post are absolutely chilling. Because they're so normal. It is the same stuff that everyone comments when someone posts about a manipulative, cheating spouse they want to get away from.

"Who cares if she keeps a close eye on your whereabouts? What the f*ck is she gonna do?" One commenter rhetorically asked, pushing the user to leave. Users suggested that he get a lawyer, go to couple's counseling, and to leave her. After all, what was the worst that could happen? They said that "staying for the sake of the children" isn't doing anything, and they were living in a hateful environment and could be happier if they split. The advice was all good. It was all sound, and all the right advice to give a man who was in the situation he was in. And so he got an attorney, and he decided to divorce her. He posted follow-ups on Reddit, thanking everyone for their advice and updating that he had filed for divorce.

But "what's the worst that could happen?" came true soon after.


On November 17, 2016, Worley came home from dance class with her 3 year old and then went to Walmart to buy some pipe cleaners for her 7-year-old's class project. But while she was there, she also picked up a Kabar combat knife. She placed the knife in Tyler's bedroom and asked Jason to sleep elsewhere, so he decided to sleep in the basement.

While Jason slept downstairs, Worley lured Tyler into Charlee's bedroom, enticing him with a family sleepover. And then, he fatally stabbed her 2 children to death. She stabbed herself in her own neck as well, but survived. Tyler was murdered before Charlee, who woke up to hear her brother bring murdered. She asked "what are you doing?" before her mother started to kill her, too. Then, she called 911 to report the murders. During the 911 call, she remained calm and emotionless, stating mater-of-factly that she had killed her children and that her mother was on the way over.

The 911 dispatcher did not believe that the call was legitimate. She asked to speak to her mother-in-law, who at that point, didn't know what had happened. When she found the murdered children, she screamed, rousing Jason from sleep. When he ran upstairs, Worley said, "Now you can't take the kids from me". The police arrived to the scene at 4:30 AM.


After the murders, the moderators on the r/relationship_advice page provided the update that Jason's wife had murdered their children. They shared the GoFundMe page created in memory of his children. The funeral was held on November 22, 2016.

Worley was admitted to Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital for her self-inflicted injuries. Their divorce was finalized in March of 2017.

While awaiting trial, Worley was placed in jail. She pleaded not guilty originally, but in January of 2018, she pleaded guilty. She was sentenced to 65 years for Charlee's murder and 55 years for Tyler's.

Jason said that all he cares about is that he never sees his wife again. "Out of sight, out of mind," he said.

My heart literally snaps in half when I think about this case. Brandi Worley was so manipulative. First, she cheated on her husband and repeatedly lied about it. Then, when he found out, she made it seem like it was his fault because he was working so often. She used a 15-year-old suicide attempt to trick him into staying with her, and even made her husband apologize to her lover for making things awkward. She said they still got along, so still needed to make nice with one another.

This woman was a toxic, horrific human being. And finally, he worked up the nerve to end it. He asked for advice, and got, what I still believe, was the right advice. Either get marriage counseling to get through it, or end it. The children weren't better off in an unhappy home with unhappy parents. And for most divorces, truly, what is the worst that can happen?

After almost a year and a half of thinking about his wife's infidelity every day, he finally did it. He decided to leave her. He decided to do what was best for her and for his kids. And then, she stabbed them to death. She murdered her children. She ended their lives because she was selfish and terrible and didn't want even the possibility of her husband taking them from her. She was a monster, and still is.

The sweet kiddos deserved so much better. Jason deserved so much better. Worley's mother who had to walk into the scene and see her grandchildren murdered deserved better. Their deaths are so senseless and heartbreaking that it almost seems like a movie and not real life. Even though it is one thousand percent not his fault, I'm sure he blames himself. I'm sure he wonders every day what life would be like if he stayed with his wife and powered through, or had slept somewhere else than in the basement. I know he posted once that he felt like he failed to protect them. I hope he knows that this was NO ONE'S fault except his wife's.

Rest in peace to Tyler and Charlee. And, I hope Jason is able to find peace on this earth. Rot in prison, and later, rot in Hell to Brandi Worley.


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