January 18 2015 - Brock Turner Rapes Emily Doe

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To be honest, I just wanted this entire article to say "boooo" and never actually go into a story that most of us already know and have wanted to vomit about for 5 years, but in case the story of Rapist Brock Turner is new to you or you'd like to brush up, I will not.

Brock Turner was a Stanford University swimmer, until he became a rapist. He attended a frat party where he met (you could say) a woman who's name has now been revealed to be Chanel Miller, but was referred to as Emily Doe throughout the investigation and trial.

She was unconscious and he raped her behind a dumpster outside of the party. Two bikers witnessed it happening, pulled Rapist Brock Turner off of her, and held him until the police arrived to arrest him.

He was indicted on 5 charges and ultimately found guilty of 3. And, what did he receive for this horrific, heinous, horrible crime? A six month jail sentence, 3 years probation and being on the sex offender registry for life. He ended up serving 3 months.

Chanel Miller read her victim impact statement, which was shared through media outlets and read over 11 million times.

Aaron Persky, the judge who sentenced a rapist to 6 months in jail, was ultimately recalled in June of 2018.


Rapist Brock Turner had a history of drugs and alcohol. Found on his phone were photos and messages that detailed the use of LSD, ecstasy, marijuana and alcohol. Though he claimed to be inexperienced with alcohol, he was arrested in 2014 for underage possession of alcohol.

When the 2 cyclist stumbled upon the horrific scene, they yelled at him, asking what he was doing to the woman who was clearly unconscious. He tried to flee the scene, but one of them tripped him and help him down until police arrived.

They claimed he was laughing with a smirk on his face. Rapist Brock Turner claims that he was laughing at how ridiculous the situation was.

The deputy sheriff on the scene said she was completely unconscious, and didn't respond to shouting or being shaken at the hospital. She had pine needles in her hair and dried blood on her. The nurse who examined her said she had experienced significant trauma. She didn't remember the incident at all, but did not consciously consent to sex with anybody.

Rapist Brock Turner claims that they had been drinking together and holding hands. He said he took her clothes off while she rubbed his back, and claimed he didn't run from the cyclists.

Chanel's estimated blood alcohol level at the time of the assault was .22. She left an incomprehensible, drunken voicemail for her boyfriend that was used in evidence to support her drunkenness. Her DNA was found underneath Rapist Brock Turner's fingernails.


Rapist Brock Turner left Stanford of his own volition before he could be kicked out, and was banned from ever stepping foot on campus again. USA Swimming said he would never be welcome.

Of the 5 charges brought against him, he was found guilty of: assault with the intent to rape an intoxicated woman, sexually penetrating an intoxicated person with a foreign object, and sexually penetrating an unconscious person with a foreign object.

Though a 6 year prison sentence was recommended, he was sentenced to 6 months on June 2, 2016. He was released after 3 months and people all over the world were completely outraged.

While most were (rightfully) outraged that a rapist only had to be in jail for a quarter of a year, some people were mad that he was charged at all. Enter, Rapist Brock Turner's friends and family.

A childhood friend of his, Leslie Rasmussen, blamed alcohol consumption at universities for the incident. Eventually she apologized for minimizing Chanel's trauma, but her statement still happened.

His ex-girlfriend testified as a character witness, among 38 others, saying he was loving and never pressured her.

An Oakwood Judge and family friend also blamed the assault on alcohol, saying he was so drunk he wouldn't know if she was drunk, too. Newsflash people: This was a frat party. EVERYONE was drunk. But only one person raped someone, so it seems as if alcohol can't be your scapegoat.

And, worst of all, Rapist Brock Turner's father said: "The sentence is a steep price to pay for 20 minutes of action out of his 20 years of life." Let's all just groan in unison, shall we?


On Rapist Brock Turner's way out of prison, the corrections officer handed him a package of hate mail he had received while locked up.

He was mandated to live in Sugarcreek Township, Ohio with his parents. Protesters were outside his door as soon as he got home. He now works a sad, quiet job and attention is immediately called to him if he's seen in public.

He tried to appeal his conviction to be removed from the sex offender registry, claiming it was "outercourse" (not a thing) but was denied.

After the ordeal, California State law on sexual assault change, requiring a mandatory minimum sentence for sexual assault of an unconscious or intoxicated person.

Both Rapist Brock Turner and badass survivor Chanel Miller have book credits to their name now: Brock is the textbook definition of rape in an Introduction to Criminal Justice book, and Chanel has bravely come forward, telling her story in her new book: Know My Name: A Memoir. So, as much as can be, I think they're both right where they should be 5 years later.


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