January 14 1954 - Marilyn Monroe Marries Joe DiMaggio

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Due to his inability to ever get over her, baseball star Joe DiMaggio and movie stay Marilyn Monroe are seen as a beautiful love story until the very end. But the reality was much different.

On January 14th, the beautiful Monroe married DiMaggio, in a stormy relationship that only lasted 9 months.

However, despite their divorce and inability to work as a couple, the two remained close friends until her death.


In 1952, Marilyn was becoming a huge star and Joe was making it big in baseball. He asked his agent to set up a date between the two. Though Marilyn wasn't thrilled about it, she went. Ultimately, she fell in love and the two married. (1)

Unfortunately, their marriage wasn't great. She loved to go out and learn and experience new things and cultures, taking classes and experiencing the world around her. He would sit at home and drink and wait for her to come home. (1)

He became very obsessed and jealous, requiring the films she was in to be pre-approved by him and demanding she not ever be scantily clad. In fact, he was on set during the infamous skirt-blowing scene, and he was extremely angry. (1)

He also wanted her to break out of her "dumb blonde role" as one of the ground rules of their relationship. And, she wasn't allowed to outshine him. If he felt that she had, he would sleep in the other room and ignore her for days. (2)

He felt he was losing control of her and "beat her more than once". (2)

DiMaggio had been married before to a woman named Dorothy Arnold. He drank, smoked and cheated on her constantly. He didn't pay attention to their son, Joe Jr. and if he was sick, he'd check into a hotel. Dorothy filed for divorce in 1943. (2)

Once, his son was with he and Marilyn when he witnessed her trying to run out of the house, and him grabbing her by the hair to drag her back in. She claimed nothing happened the next morning. (2)

Whenever she'd go out, he'd gruel her. Who did she talk to? What type of scene did she shoot? Did she stop anywhere on the way home? (2)

He suspected that Marilyn was having an affair with her voice coach, and called him to tell him to come over. Marilyn was screaming for him not to come because she knew that he actually would. (2)

Ultimately, they divorced after 9 months on the grounds of "mental cruelty", filed by Marilyn.


After the divorce, Joe connected with his good friend Frank Sinatra, who had also just been left by a beautiful girlfriend, Ava Gardner. He had hired a private investigator to trail her, and he offered the services to Joe. (2)

He had her phone bugged, and would sometimes sit in her lobby with a fake beard and a newspaper over his face just to see her. (2)

Once, they planned to go catch her in the act with her voice coach. Sinatra was getting concerned with how enraged DiMaggio was getting. They ended up accidentally breaking into a 50-year-old woman's home instead. Sinatra paid the settlement, but DiMaggio claimed it never happened. (2)

Their divorce "obliterated" him. He only dated women who looked like her, and allegedly spent $10,000 on a sex doll that looked just like her, calling her Marilyn the Magnificent.

Though Marilyn married again in 1961, Joe always felt like he could get her back. Her marriage failed, and he began to make himself available in her life as a close friend. (1) He took her to and from the hospital after a surgery, she took him out to dinner for his birthdays. Though she dated many men, she apparently continued to sleep with Joe. He went to therapy, loaned her money when she needed it, and was the first to come when she was institutionalized. (2)

Even as she began struggling with drugs and alcohol and potentially became involved with the President, he always hoped they would remarry. (2)


On August 4, 1962, Marilyn Monroe died of a barbiturate overdose at her home. She had suffered from substance abuse and mental issues throughout the last few years of her life. Though conspiracy theories consider her death anywhere from accidental overdose to murder to cover up an affair with President John F. Kennedy, it was ultimately ruled a suicide. (3)

Joe never believed she committed suicide and always believed she was murdered. He said, "she told me someone would do her in, but I kept quiet." He claimed her body. (1)

After she was buried, he placed a 20 year order for half a dozen roses to be placed on her grade 3 times per week. (1) On his deathbed, his last words were, "I'll finally get to see Marilyn again." (2)


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