January 13 1992 - Jeffery Dahmer Pleads Guilty, But Insane

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Jeffery Dahmer was, as I'm sure most know, an American serial killer and sex offender. He was born in Milwaukee, moved to Ohio as a child and eventually moved back to Wisconsin where he would commit all but 1 of his murders.

Dahmer raped, murdered and dismembered 17 young boys and men. His murders often involved necrophilia, cannibalism and preservation of bodies, making his apartment a house of horrors.

Though he was found to have bipolar disorder, schizotypal personality disorder and psychotic disorder, he was found legally sane at his trial.

While at Columbia Correctional Institution, he was beaten to death by a fellow inmate and died.


Jeffery's mother was depressed and attempted suicide at least once while he was a child. His father was largely absent due to his work. He felt like he constantly needed to fight his brother, 5 years younger than him, for his parents' attention. (1)

His family moved around a lot between the ages of 6 and 8, and ultimately settled in Bath, Ohio. His parents eventually divorced, and while it began amicably, it ended up a bit messy. (1)

Jeffery had friends, even though he was a bit socially awkward. Though he did often feel neglected by his parents, he has said (and it has been determined) that they didn't have anything to do with how he turned out. After all, this isn't a serial killer childhood: Many moms are depressed, many dads work, many parents divorce and many kids feel the need to fight for attention. As far as serial killers go, his childhood wasn't anything to be alarmed by.

It seems that Jeffery Dahmer is more of a case of nature than nurture. As an adolescent, he began spending up to 2/3rds of his day fantasizing about doing harm to men and then having sex with their bodies. His libido was off the charts. (1)

At age 16, he planned to murder a jogger in town he'd grown to have a crush on. He hid with a baseball bat, ready to attack, but the man didn't go jogging that day. (2)

From an early age, he had a fascination with torturing and killing animals. (Ding ding ding, serial killer bells are ringing.) He would collect animal carcasses from the street and dismember them. (2) As a teenager, he nailed an animal's body to a tree and impaled a dog's head on a stick. (1)

Once, over a chicken dinner, Dahmer asked what would happen if the bones were bleached. His dad, feeling that he was pulling away and not showing interest in anything, took this as an opportunity to bond with his son and taught him how to safely bleach and preserve bones. (2)

Apparently, in grade school, another kid got the tadpole he was supposed to get, so he went to the kids' house and set his aquarium on fire. About that he said: "If you want to call that torturing animals, I tortured animals." (1)

In high school, he began drinking beer and hard alcohol at school, claiming it was his medicine. He found out he was gay around this time too, and his interest in dominating men sexually got intertwined with his morbid interest in dissection. (2)


Jeffery Dahmer committed his first murder, an almost 19-year-old named Steven Hicks, about 3 weeks after high school graduation. He lured him to his house for sex. He wanted to leave, but Jeffery didn't want him to. He hit him over the head with a dumbbell, strangled him with the same dumbbell, and then masturbated over his corpse. Then he dissected him in his basement and buried him in his backyard.

A few months later, he enrolled at The Ohio State University, hoping to major in business. He did extremely poorly, achieving a .45/4.0 average due to his alcohol abuse.

Then, he went to the army where he was just about average. Two soldiers attest to being raped by him, one after being drugged and one over a nearly year and a half timespan. His average performance started to deteriorate as his alcohol abuse increased, and he was honorably discharged. The army didn't believe his issues while with them would follow him into civilian life.

He went to Miami Florida getting a job at a sandwich shop and living in a hotel until he got evicted, and then lived on the beach. He eventually went back to Ohio to live with his dad, but due to his alcohol abuse, his father sent him to live with his grandma in Wisconsin.

His grandmother was one of the only people he showed affection toward. He would go to church with her, do chores around the house, and abided by house rules with the exception of drinking and smoking.

He got arrested for exposing himself to 25 women and children. After getting out, he got a night job mixing at a chocolate factory. One night, he received a proposition for sex from a man. He rejected, but it stirred his fantasies again and he got involved in the gay scene in the area.

He was frequenting bathhouses, but would get annoyed when his partners would move during sex. So, he'd drug them. After he did this 12 times, he was told not to return to the bathhouse and began running his operation out of a hotel room.

Around this time, he was arrested for masturbating in front of 2 12-year-old boys, and considered robbing the grave of a freshly buried man, but claimed the soil was too hard.

THE CRIMES.... (1)

His first murder in Wisconsin was actually an accident - he woke up after drugging and raping him (not an accident) to his dead body and didn't remember anything. He dismembered the body and used his skull for sexual gratification.

After this, he began luring men to his grandmother's home, drugged them, raped then and strangled them. After a few murders, his grandma asked him to move out, citing all of the men coming over at night and the foul smells. (I mean, fair, grandma)

He got his own apartment and began murdering there. His 5th victim was the first who's body he permanently retained. He also bought a Polaroid camera so he could pose his murdered victims for photos, and would put body parts in plastic bags in the refrigerator to eat.

After many murders, he began drilling holes into the skulls of victims, injecting the hole with hydrochloric acid or boiling water. People in his apartment began complaining of a smell, but he blamed it on a broken freezer making his food go bad and a "dead tropical fish".

In one of the most horrifying anecdotes from Jeffery Dahmer's horrors, he kidnapped a 13-year-old kid and injected his brain with hydrochloric acid. Dahmer left, and when he came back, he saw the child talking to 3 young women who had called the police.

When they arrived, he said the child was his 19-year-old boyfriend and this was just a domestic dispute... Even though the child was bleeding. The officers came inside, and Dahmer showed them the nude photos he had taken of them to prove they were a couple. They noticed a smell, but left anyway. If they'd looked around, they would have found the body of a man dead on his bedroom floor. If they'd checked his background, they would have seen he was a convicted child molester on probation.

Ultimately, he injected him again with acid and he died.

On July 22, 1991, Tracy Edwards escaped from Dahmer's home and flagged down the police, taking them back to his home.

In his home, they found: 4 severed heads, 7 skulls, 2 human hearts, 4 entire torsos, a bag of human organs and flesh, 2 entire skeletons, a pair of severed hands, 2 severed penises, a mummified scalp and 74 polaroid pictures of his victims.


Dahmer waived his right to a lawyer, claiming he "created this horror and it only makes sense if I do everything to put an end to it."

He confessed to murdering 16 men in Wisconsin since 1987 and one in Ohio. He also confessed to necrophilia and cannibalism, saying that he ate hearts, livers and thighs of his victims. He also said he saved the skulls because he intended to make a private altar of skulls.

He was initially charged with 4 counts of murder in July, and 11 more were added in August. He was never charged with the murder of Steven Tuomi because he didn't remember it, and they wanted to have no doubts during the trial.

The preliminary hearing began on January 13th, 1992. He pleaded guilty, but insane, to all 15 counts of murder. He waived his right to trial to establish guilt, and only debated mental ability.

The prosecution argued that no disorder would deprive someone of knowing everything he did was wrong. The defense argued the very act of desiring sex with a corpse spoke to his insanity.

Ultimately, after a 2 week trial, he was found guilty and sane. He received a life sentence for each murder. He was sent to Ohio and got life for that murder, too.

His father and step mom asked for 10 minutes before he was put away, where they hugged him and said their goodbyes.

He was initially put in solitary confinement for a year for his safety, and then was taken out and assigned 2 hours of cleaning toilets daily. He also got a bible and became a "born again Christian" and was baptized.

Another inmate attacked him on November 28, 1994. He was disgusted with Dahmer's crimes, saying he never repented and would often shape his food into severed limbs and use ketchup as blood. His dad and step mom, who remained in contact, said he was ready to die.

His father never changed his last name, and wrote a book about being Jeffery Dahmer's father. His mother attempted suicide at least once before her death in 2000. His brother changed his last name and lives completely anonymously.


Steven Hicks, 18

Steven Tuomi, 25

James Doxtator, 14

Richard Guerrero, 22

Anthony Sears, 24

Raymond Smith, 32

Edward Smith, 27

Ernest Miller, 22

David Thomas, 22

Curtis Straughter, 17

Errol Lindsey, 19

Tony Hughes, 31

Konerak Sinthasomphone, 14

Matt Turner, 20

Jeremiah Weinberger, 23

Oliver Lacy, 24

Joseph Bradehoft, 25


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