April 17, 2019: The Disappearance of Prisma Peralta Reyes


Prisma Peralta Reyes, s 26-year-old woman from Mesquite, Texas, was reported missing on April 17, 2019 after failing to pick up her 6-year-old son from the babysitter's house that evening. She had been spotted having lunch with an ex-boyfriend during her lunch break, but after he left, she stayed behind and continued drinking until she was asked to leave.

Prisma worked at a car dealership, but was also a paralegal and had served in the National Guard. Though police say there is nothing that indicates foul play, her family said she would never voluntarily leave her son behind.

She has not been seen or heard from in exactly one year as of today.


On April 17, Prisma left her job at a car dealership for lunch. She met with an (allegedly abusive) ex-boyfriend who she had recently rekindled some sort of a relationship with. They argued after he overreacted to her making a phone call outside the restaurant. He left. (2)

Prisma stayed at the restaurant for approximately another 3 hours. Eventually, the bartender stopped serving her. When they said they were going to stop serving her, it lead to a "slight disturbance", but when they asked her to leave, she left. (2)

After leaving the restaurant, there was a report that Prisma got involved in a verbal road rage incident where allegedly, the driver pointed a gun at the other driver. (1)

Sometime between noon and the time she left the restaurant, an hour-long call was made to the sitter. Her family found this strange, because she typically wouldn't be on the phone with the sitter for even 10 minutes, much less an hour. The sitter states that the conversation was simply Prisma letting her know she'd be picking up her son at a normal time that day, but it does not explain why the call lasted so long. (2)

Between 5:49 PM and 6:01 PM, Prisma made 9 calls on her cell phone. SHe had called her ex 4 times in a row. None of the calls lasted more than 3 minutes. She had called an out-of-state friend and said she needed help, was confused and didn't feel right. (2)

Next, Prisma went to the apartment complex where her ex-boyfriend lived. She got on the elevator, and a resident on the elevator with her saw her crying, but that resident didn't see where she got off. Another witness claims to have seen her on the top floor of the parking garage crying next to a silver car with its trunk open. (2) Video surveillance shows her running into the garage of the complex, swaying back and forth as she talked on her cell phone. She was never seen leaving the building, though not all of the exists have cameras. (1)

At 7:30, Prisma failed to pick up her son, and at 9:30, her babysitter alerted the authorities and reported her missing. The following day, her Jeep was found abandoned near the complex. (2)

According to family, her son's father filed for emergency custody after she went missing, even though he had nothing to do with him or paid any sort of child support. They believe she would never willingly abandon her son because she loved him. They also did not believe she was suicidal, and admitted she owned a gun, but the gun was found inside her car so she couldn't have used it to commit suicide. (2)


Unlike so many mysterious missing persons cases, Prisma's is not very well known, perhaps because the one year anniversary of her disappearance is only today. There is no Wikipedia page for her, true crime sites don't have much information, and updates on her case aren't found in the media.

However, true crime and unsolved mystery fanatics on Reddit have sunk their teeth into the story and have shared their theories and questions about the case.

The most obvious theory is that her ex-boyfriend kidnapped or killed her. She had gotten into an argument with him at the restaurant and then continued drinking until she was so drunk she had to be cut off. She drove to his place and, by running into the garage and leaving her car behind, was likely trying to sneak into the secure complex to see him again. Additionally, she had left her car behind in a bizarre spot, blocking the road in front of a stop sign. She was never seen leaving and her car didn't move.

Though he was said to be out of town, some are not so sure. Is there video evidence he was out of town or did friends and family just corroborate? Or, even if he was out of town, perhaps he got home and his ex-girlfriend was there, drunk and angry, and he snapped?

Redditors are also curious about the apartment building, such as the locations of the exists without security cameras, or if someone would be able to get into a car (whether forced or voluntarily) and drive out without being caught on any cameras.

Another element that piqued the interest of a lot of readers is the hour long conversation with the babysitter. An hour is a long time to talk to someone, especially to just say you're picking your kid up on time. Were no alarm bells raised by the babysitter during such a long conversation? One comment says that the babysitter was not cooperating with police, but there is no reports that confirm that.

But some believe, given the bar cutting her off, the road rage incident and how she looks in the surveillance videos, that she was extremely drunk and could have done something to herself, or gotten into some other trouble. Perhaps she fell somewhere, or accepted a ride from an ill-meaning stranger. Though her (allegedly) abusive ex-boyfriend seems like a clear suspect, with that level of intoxication, she may have been seen as an easy target for someone else, or accidentally hurt herself.

Whatever happened to Prisma, without intervention from someone else, she could not have gotten far, as she left her car behind. If she left on her own accord, she would have probably taken her car or at least moved in the direction of her home. Unless, she wanted to commit suicide or something, in which case she would have had to exit out of a door with no cameras, and then go somewhere without being seen, and then kill herself without her gun and in a way that her body wouldn't be found for 1 year. If she wanted to run away, you would think she would take her car.

What is more likely, to me, is that she was met with foul play. Could someone else have kidnapped her from the garage, thrown her in their car and exited without being seen as suspect? Absolutely. But, in the garage of her abusive ex-boyfriend's apartment complex, it seems more likely that any foul play she was met with came from him.

The only way she got out of that complex was on foot through an exit with no cameras, which seems very unlikely that she wouldn't have been found, or in the car of someone else. Perhaps he invited her in once he got home, they argued and he killed her. Where is the surveillance video of him getting home later that evening?

This case is frustrating because it appears that camera-less exits are enough for investigators to assume that she just freely left, on foot, abandoning her car and her family and avoiding any sort of detection, especially while extremely drunk. Perhaps it is because she is a woman of color, a single mother, or because she drank a lot before she went missing, but it seems like her case was not taken seriously, and someone is getting away with her abduction or murder because of it.

Now that she has been missing for 1 year, her "cold case" may receive more attention, namely from The Charley Project, which profiles over 13,000 cold missing persons cases to gain publicity and raise awareness.

Regardless of what happened, though, parents were left without their daughter and a son was left without his mother, with no leads and a weak investigation for 1 year. I hope that one day her family gets closure.


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